Welcome to London School of Communication and Management

London School of Communication and Management (LSCM) is an independent further and higher educational college incorporated in England and Wales. The School offers a wide range of creative skill enhancement courses that are carefully packaged for the delivery of cutting edge academic and professional programmes to students throughout the world. The School pride itself in originality of courses both in contents and titles as the courses run are customized, up-to-date and delivered by well qualified and experienced academics and practitioners.
The courses are aimed at providing high quality, convenient and comprehensive training with a view to making applicants more professionally positioned, up-to-date and outstanding in their chosen careers. The courses create a platform where students obtain top quality training with adequate skills needed to enter and function brilliantly in their professions.
The School was set up with the primary aim of providing affordable and top quality education leading to internationally recognised British qualifications across various fields of study with communication contents. LSCM offers flexible programme entry and exit points throughout the year, thereby enabling students to continuously enjoy their studies at their own pace. Most of the courses are accelerated to ensure students get the full modules in a relatively shorter period of time.