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Distance Learning

Most of the courses run by London School of Communication and Management are also available through a computer-assisted distance learning/correspondence course. LSCM operates a modernized correspondence course modules geared towards career advancement as well as preparing entrants into their chosen careers. The correspondence courses are primarily for students outside London area and are fortified with experts across the towns and gowns who are ready to coach students to success. Periodically, London School of Communication and Management shall organize in-house professional development training to update skills of members of staff within an organization.

Delivery Methods

Through our modernised one-to-one tutorship approach, students have access to personal tutors through telephone, Voice over Internet telephone (yahoo messenger, Skype) Online chatting, email and of course by post or special delivery.

How the distance learning works

The distance learning mode is done such that lessons notes/lecture pack are sent to students in batches with one tutor marked assignment each time. In order words, students shall received lectures pack for the first two weeks with a tutor marked assignment preferably through email attachment Once you have completed the first batch of your assignment, you are required to e-mail, fax or post your answers back to the School office in London and marked for the attention of your tutor. Once your personal tutor has received and marked your assignments, you will receive the next batch of lecture pack (i.e for weeks 3 & 4) together with another tutor marked assignment. You will receive also, feedback on your performance in your previous marked assignment. This process continues like this until you have completed your course.

Assessment procedures

Assessment is done on a continuous basis until all the modules are completed. You shall be given tutor marked assignment to submit periodically. This assessment policy is desirable as it enables the School to monitor your progress as when as building up your portfolio.

Final Exams & Assessment

After completing all the modules, you will be sent an exam question pack which should be answered in an open book format and return within a time frame. The examination shall be the final assessment method for the student. The examination carries only 40% of the total grading score as greater emphasis shall be placed on student's project work, fortnight tutor-marked assignments and other criteria which carry 60%. A pass mark of 50% shall be set for all students.

Enrolment Plan

Enrolment for the distance learning course is continuous and all through the year. Students can apply and register at any time as there are no specific semester run. This plan allows students to choose the time that would be convenient for them to complete the course.