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About London School of Communication and Management.

London School of Communication and Management is incorporated in England and Wales as an Independent Educational Institution established to provide cutting edge further and higher education courses.


The mission of the School is to provide top quality, convenient and comprehensive further and higher education courses at affordable cost with a view to making students more professionally positioned, up-to-date and outstanding in their chosen careers. The School strives to create a platform where students obtain unparallel academic and professional training with adequate skills needed to enter and function brilliantly in their professions.


It is ultimately the vision of London School of Communication and Management to be the world's leading provider of creative, contemporary and cutting edge courses to students across the globe at a very affordable tuition.


The School specifically packages its programmes to achieve the following objectives:

Provision of comprehensive training and research programmes across various field of studies;

Continuous contribution to knowledge through research and writings;

Enhancement of professional standing of students by offering a range of knowledge and skills, which will enable them to become more relevant in their work and able to cope with the modern day challenges;

Creation of a platform for people desiring to improve their career prospects by offering them cutting edge skills;

Provision of specialized, customised and creative course contents which are hands-on and skills oriented, focusing on the prevailing new media technologies;

Provision of new career paths for those seeking to have a great inroad into careers in communication and journalism related fields.

Creation of a link between the foundations provided by academic education and demand for professionalism required by Industry and;

Provision of technical competencies and contemporary knowledge needed in competitive work environment that characterizes today's business.